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Live in the center of it all at the Amalfi at City Di Mare! Experience a resort-style living like you never did before with the lavish and well-designed facilities and amenities you will find here.  These features are some of the reasons buyers are choosing the Amalfi at City Di Mare over other real estate developments in this city.

Aside from giving buyers are option as to whether to buy a two-bedroom  or three-bedroom unit that suits their budget, needs and investment goals, Filinvest also master planned and designed this self-contained community with the convenience and comfort of the residents in mind. 

Amenities and facilities are featured to provide the homeowners with a convenient and modern living that will provide them relaxation and security. By choosing it here, you can look forward to exclusive and top of the line features that will make you enjoy it here further.

For top security, Filinvest ensures that a 24-hour security system will become available to protect the residents from intruders and keep outsiders out the property for the safety of everyone.

For those who love to stay fit or lose weight, there is also a fitness gym in the property that they can go to work outs, lift weight and do cardio exercises without them traveling to a nearby gym. They can exercise here at any given day and weather, eliminating the hassle of dealing with outdoor pollution and hassle of dealing with a harsh weather or poor traffic condition.

Speaking of fitness, cardio exercises can also be performed in the dedicated jogging path in the property. It is where fitness buffs and health seekers can enjoy their morning walk or stroll. They can also exercise with their children or walk their dogs in the jogging path and keep themselves healthy and strong.

Filinvest ensures that those who want to stay healthy and fit can have several options for their cardio workouts, so they added a swimming pool where the residents can enjoy a real swim without the hassle of going to a nearby beach or swimming pool resort. By choosing it at the Amalfi, residents can also enjoy their summer better, as they don’t have to go outside the property to enjoy a swim with their children.  There is also a children’s pool in the property. It is not only you can benefit from fitness through water activities but also your children who can swim here with their friends.

For more entertainment, there is also a game room in the property. It’s where to enjoy your free time with loved ones and friends playing a wide range of games of your choice. Speaking of games, there is also a basketball court where to play hoops with neighbors and loved ones. You can also participate in community leagues or play practice games here.

Amalfi at City Di Mare is a mixed land use community that also has a retail area for the business-minded individuals and residents. It is where to enjoy shopping for fashion, food and so on.

There is also a day care center in the property, ideal for busy mothers and parents who want to send their little ones to a day care suitable for developing their interaction and social skills and playing with other children in the community.  Additionally, there is a playground where children can play outdoor games with friends in the community.  Other facilities and amenities include a clubhouse and function rooms.

  • Swimming Pool and Pool Deck
  • Bath House
  • Outdoor Activity Area
  • Clubhouse, Lounge and Gazebos
  • Basketball Court
  • Tree Park
  • Jogging Path
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